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It is important that you need to understand the following terms and conditions. Please do read these terms, conditions carefully and your acceptance of the terms of use stated herein constitutes the agreement for the specific purposes defined here. These terms and conditions from a legal & binding agreement between the user and Loanzzones is made pursuant to the key terms.

Please also refer to legal information as may be applicable to you.

Loanzzones is a loan service provider facilitating access between corporate banks willing to lend and users in need of borrowings. The financial lending and borrowing s subject to the choice of the respective users in their respective capacities. 

  1. We acknowledge that we have carefully read and fully understood that all the financing terms of use of availing financing that are listed on the Loanzzones website at www.loanzzones.com/terms&conditions and www.loanzzones.com/privacypolicy are applicable to any loan availed through the group website.
  1.  We understand that the terms and conditions unconditional and agree that these terms may be changed or amended at any time and we will be bound by the modified terms that apply. 
  1. We understand that the sanction of any loan (s) is at the sole discretion of the NBFC / Group banks (affiliated creditors) and depends on our execution of the necessary documents, provision of any collateral (s)) and other final formalities to the satisfaction of the respective lender. 

We agree that the NBFC Group, in its sole discretion, may reject my application without giving reasons and that I / We do not reserve the right to appeal this decision. 

  1. We declare that we are residents, citizens of India and we declare, warrant and represent that all details, information provided in this application form and documents provided by us , are correct, and accurate, and we didn’t hide any material information. 

We undertake to provide any additional information / documents that may be requested from time to time by Loanzzones group NBFC. We understand that Loanzzones group NBFC reserves the right to keep / delete all documents (including photographs and financial instruments) submitted with the loan application and cannot return them to the applicant. 

  1. W confirm that no bankruptcy proceedings have been brought against us and thus we have ever been declared insolvent. We also undertake to inform Loanzzones Group NBFC of changes our profession / employment and to provide any additional information the company may request. 
  1. We confirm that we submit an application to Loanzzones Group NBFC in order to take advantage of a corporate loan in order to fulfill the working capital / business improvement requirements by us. We hereby confirm that the loan proceeds will not be used for speculative, antisocial, immoral or illegal purposes. 

The loan proceeds will only be used for the aforementioned purpose and in accordance with the terms and conditions set by Loanzzones. 

  • Loanzzones may disclose and provide the above information to any other agency authorized by CIBIL and/or RBI as it deems reasonably appropriate and necessary. Borrower hereby agrees that Loanzzones will have the right to exchange information about our account with other financial institutions or banks as and when required in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

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