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You might be a self-employed or a salaried person and you meet all loan criteria, consider your loan is approved. We have products which best fits your requirements.

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    Interest Rate



    20 Lakhs

    Property Value

    5 Lakhs

    Annual Income

    About Mortgage Loan

    Mortgage Loans are also called as Loan Against Property Loans.  A loan that is offered by a bank or non-banking financial institutions against mortgage of the property with lesser interest and longer repayment option.

    A loan that is secured by property or property is referred to as a mortgage. In exchange for funds obtained by the homebuyer to purchase property or a house, a lender receives the promise of that buyer to pay back the funds in a particular time frame for a particular cost.

    Although it is one of those variants of Private loans, mortgage loans, also known as Loan Against Property (LAP), are one of the most common secured loans that is supplied from the banks and other funding institutions, where the property or adjusted asset is placed as collateral with the lender before the loan is repaid successfully. Even though the house is mortgaged with the lender, the borrower is still permitted to use the property to themselves.

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    Types of Mortgage Loans:

    • Loans against self-occupied residential property
    • Loans against vacant residential property
    • Loans against rented residential property
    • Loans against self-occupied commercial property
    • Loans against vacant commercial property
    • Loans against rented commercial property
    • Loans against residential plot
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    Mortgage Loan Eligibility Criteria


    21 – 70 Years

    Resident Type

    Resident Indian
    Non-Resident India (NRI)
    Person of Indian Origin (PIO)




    At least Rs.5-6 lakh

    Documents Required for Mortgage Loan


    • Identity Proof (PAN)
    • Residential Address Proof
    • Last 6 months bank statement
    • Financial statements including balance sheet
    • profit and loss account statements


    • Identity Proof (PAN)
    • Residential Address Proof
    • Form 16
    • Latest 6 months salary slip
    • Last 6 months bank statement
    • Last 2 years ITR

    Banks offering Mortgage Loan

    Features & Benfits

    Lower Interest Rates

    A mortgage loan is a long-term commitment, thus, interest rates play an important role in deciding not only the loan amount, but also the tenure of repayment.

    Annual Tax Benefits

    To make buying and investing in properties more affordable for people, the government offers several tax benefits on the mortgage loan.

    Easy Balance Transfer Facility

    Mortgage loan balance transfer is a facility in which the outstanding loan amount with one lender can be transferred to another lender.

    Top-up Loan Facility

    An additional amount that you can avail over and above your existing mortgage loan

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Mortgage loan Is a secured loan. The loan which you get on the property exist on you name like residential, commercial, open land or industrial. Which is used for to financial needs for business expansion, etc.

    The tenure of the LAP Loan will Starts from 5years to 15years and the age from 22 years to 65 years.

    Which is depends on salary or ITR’s or turn over or industrial margin or GST returns or CA appraisal or banking (Average Bank Balance)

    • Residential flat
    • Independent house
    • Commercial property
    • Industrial property
    • Open land (commercial and residential)

    Yes, you can do, after you complete the minimum period of payments (usually minimum 6months) in the existing bank

    Yes, you can do after the completion of minimum period of 6EMIs it depends on the your loan was exists

    Do's & Dont's of Mortgage Loan

    Do check your credit and business rating

    Do clear all your outstanding debt obligations & penalties before you apply for a business loan

    Never ask lender the income requirement, check these details well in advance

    Do not maintain outstanding debts which will impact your business loan approval

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