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7 Important Suggestions while taking Home Loans

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Home is an asset that has many financial benefits. Whether it is to purchase property for investment or buying your new home. With easy EMIs and the option to select repayment tenure at your comfort. But, before you start applying for a home loan, follow these important suggestions for an easy application process and simplify loan repayment.

1. Research on Loan Options

With the easy accessibility of information on the internet, make an effort to do extensive research on the options available in the market before applying for a home loan. Your analysis should also include these three important factors that formulate a loan particularly, down payment, EMIs, and repayment tenure. Investigating these three factors preceding your home loan application enables you to select a suitable home loan at better interest rates. Home loan amounts are usually bigger than other loans, so make sure you examine all the details and reveal every nitty-gritty that comes before a home loan application.

2. Aim at Affordability7

We have a lot of options in choosing the home loan, affordability plays a crucial role where you need affordable EMIs but also be able to resolve them conveniently within your cost of living. Think above expenses beyond the EMI, you pay each month and maintain a regular income flow to meet any unexpected emergency. So, you can best home and at an affordable EMI.

3. Choose Suitable EMIs

Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) amount depends on you. Banks offer various EMI options to cater to your needs. EMIs also depends mostly on the down payment. The larger the sum of down payment, the minor the outstanding amount being transformed into EMIs. It is best practice to ensure your EMI amount does not exceed 45% of your income.

4. Repayment Tenure

The Time Period for paying off the sanctioned loan is considered your repayment tenure. The repayment tenure and EMIs work hand-in-hand. A longer tenure leads to having smaller EMI amounts, but it negatively raises the interest rate to be paid, resulting in a very high overall amount paid to the bank. If you have a constant and recurrently growing income and plan a strict budget, it is desirable, that you choose a short-term tenure.

5. Know Foreclosure Norms

RBI norms are ever-changing with market conditions may be advantageous to you on many levels. Foreclosing your home loan by repaying the outstanding sum is less than the devoted time saves you from paying any additional expenses. The earlier you pay the loan, the higher your CIBIL score.

6. Home Loan Eligibility Check

It is fundamental to verify your eligibility before applying for a home loan. Documents concerning credit history hold the highest importance here. Many banks present eligibility criteria for a home loan on their website. With Bank’s, we can verify the criteria and apply for a home loan online or offline.

7. Additional Charges

There are administrative, processing, or service charges that banks levy upon borrowers at the time of loan application apart from EMI. Make you have whole information about them during application. Examine whether they are one-time costs or monthly; if they are monthly charges they need to be paid along with EMIs, so plan your monthly charges accordingly.

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